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Parent Information Handbook

Golden Elementary

Parent Information Handbook


Dear Families,

The staff at Golden Elementary is committed to providing students the opportunity to learn in a safe, orderly environment, while helping them become socially responsible young people.  Our school-wide discipline plan is designed to enhance these endeavors by encouraging personal responsibility and respect for others.

Attached you will find a copy of school rules, positive reinforcement plan, consequences for misconduct, and discipline procedures that have been developed by our teachers and parents.  During the first week of school, teachers and the principal review Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports (PBIS) with the students during classroom lessons with buddy classes and during grade level assemblies to ensure that rules and consequences are understood.  

Please take time to review these rules and procedures with your child in order to help guarantee that he or she has a strong understanding of their meaning and importance.  School standards and appropriate student conduct are mandated by the California Education Code and are necessary for the creation of a successful learning environment.  The district’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy is highlighted as well, as technology is continually integrated as an academic tool in all curricular areas.

The safety and well being of your child is of the utmost importance to all staff.  To ensure that safe practices are observed by everyone, there are some general procedures for arrival, departure and campus visits. Through our cooperative efforts, we will continue to offer an exemplary educational environment for all children; and the students will be able to take pride in their behavior and enjoy positive interactions with others.  Thank you for your support.


The Golden Elementary Staff

Curriculum and Instruction


Homework guidelines have been adopted by the PYLUSD Board of Education. See separate board policy on recommended homework by grade level.

Homework Make-Up for Absences

In the event a student misses school, homework can be requested by parents or guardians to the teacher’s email. Homework will be available within 24 hours of the request. Typically, homework will only be requested if it is anticipated that a student will be absent more than one day.  Assignments may be picked up in the office.  The child will be given the same number of days he/she was absent to make-up the missed assignments.

Student Conduct


For student safety and attendance purposes, please remember, when your child is absent from school, you need to call the school each day @ 986-7160 and press 3.   Excused absences are identified on the PYLUSD Parent Information Handbook on page 9 (Education Code 48205).


Student tardiness disrupts the educational program for everyone. A tardy is defined as not being on campus, inside the gates, when the tardy bell rings at 7:50 a.m.  A doctor’s note is required for an excused tardy.

Independent Study

If your child is going to be absent five or more consecutive days due to personal reasons, please request an Independent Study agreement from your child’s teacher.  This request should be made at least one to two weeks in advance of the scheduled absence, so the teacher can adequately prepare the work for your child.  The Independent Study Contract must be signed and returned to the school prior to the absence. 

Independent study is provided to your child, so that she/he will be able to keep up with their studies while away from school.  Additionally, the Independent Study contract allows the school to credit your child’s attendance even when they are studying away from the school.  The contract and all completed work must be returned to your child’s teacher in a timely manner, as outlined in the contract. For additional information see the PYLUSD Parent Information Handbook found on the PYLUSD website.

Dress Code

Student’s clothing should promote an environment of respect.  All clothing should be in good repair and of appropriate size. Students are expected to wear apparel that is age appropriate and reflects a sense of modesty whether sitting in a classroom or playing on the playground. The following are the dress code guidelines.

  • All tops should be long enough to be tucked. No shirts or tops that are too tight or revealing should be worn, e.g., mesh tops, spaghetti straps, low-cut necklines, oversized sleeve openings, off the shoulder tops, midriff tops, backless tops, short tops, or sheer garments.
  • Tank tops should be one-inch in width. These apply to dresses and jumpers.
  • All pants, shorts, and skirts must fit properly at the waist. Shorts and skirts may not be shorter than mid-thigh. Girls are encouraged to wear shorts or tights under dresses or skirts (especially on P.E. days).
  • Hats may be worn during outdoor activities for sun protection, such as recess and PE, bill forward, and must be removed and properly stored when indoors.
  • Enclosed shoes should be worn at all times. Flip-flops, sandals, open-toed or backless shoes, high heels, high heeled boots, or other shoes which might interfere with safe footing are not acceptable. 
  • No jewelry or accessories that constitute a distraction or a safety hazard are allowed, e.g. large hoop dangling earrings, chains, or tattoos.
  • No apparel, jewelry or accessories which display words/pictures/drawings relating to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, guns, gangs, violence, obscenity, or vulgarity may be worn.  
  • No extreme hair (style or color) that could constitute a distraction in class is appropriate.
  • No makeup or acrylic nails.
  • Sunglasses are allowed only for prescriptive medical needs.

A student coming to school with a dress code violation may be required to call his/her parents to bring a change of clothes. Repeated violations may result in additional disciplinary action. 

The principal, or designee, has the discretion to apply the California Education Code and School Board Policy regarding any situation, which causes a disruption or interference with instruction or learning. (Board Policy 5131.2)  Some areas that may result in a disruption of learning include unsatisfactory appearance, inappropriate dress and/or grooming.  

Cell Phones and Electronic Signaling Devices

Students are not to use cell phones, smart watches, or other electronic signaling devices during the instructional day. Board Policy 5131.11 restricts use of electronic signaling devices to before and/or after school hours only. Cell phones, smart watches, or other electronic devices are to remain off during school hours.

With prior permission by the principal, classroom teachers may allow an electronic device which is used for a specific education activity. In these SPECIAL circumstances, parents are notified and must give their permission. If a student brings an electronic device which is used for a specific educational activity, such as a Kindle, Nook, iPad, chromebook, or laptop, it must be safely secured and turned off during school hours except as permitted by the classroom teacher

Electronic devices may be confiscated if school rules are not followed. The school does not assume liability if such devices are damaged, lost or stolen. Board Policy 5131.11

  • Use of technology for bullying or harassing behaviors, i.e. an “electronic act”will not be tolerated, and students will lose privileges and receive consequences when this occurs.  “Electronic act” means the transmission of a communication, including, but not limited to, a message, text, sound, or image, or a post on a social network Internet Web site, by means of an electronic device, including, but not limited to, a telephone, cell phone, smart watch, tablet or other wireless communication device.
  • An electronic act beyond school hours may create a climate of intimidation and fear at school and may result in disciplinary action. (Board Policy 5131.1 Student Anti-Bullying establishes requirements for a safe school environment prohibiting bullying and promoting respect and understanding of others.) 

PYLUSD Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

With teacher approval, students will be permitted to bring technology devices (Chromebooks, laptops, iPads, Tablets) to use at specified times during the academic day. Students can use their own device to complete classroom assignments, research, collaborate with peers and go to online resources for specific academic subjects.

Rules are outlined in PYLUSD Acceptable Use Agreement and expanded online at the district’s PYLUSD Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) web page (www.pylusd.org/byod) or PYLUSD BYOD Device Information.

Teachers will give families an overview of the academic year, curriculum covered, and answer any questions parents might have during Golden’s Back To School Night.

School Discipline Rules and Regulations

Code of Conduct

School rules are shared with the entire staff and are consistently and fairly enforced.  Listed below are the general rules and related behaviors of particular emphasis.

Be Safe

  • Follow posted PBIS school rules - on the playground, in the hallways, in the bathroom, in the MPR, in the library and computer lab, in the classroom.
  • Be cooperative and respectful when given directions.
  • No inappropriate language or gestures, profanity or vulgarity.
  • No bullying or harassing behaviors. (Board Policy 5131.1 Student Anti-Bullying establishes requirements for a safe school environment prohibiting bullying and promoting respect and understanding of others.)
  • No use of technology for bullying or harassing behaviors, e.g. emails, texting or posting of unkind information on a website.

Be Responsible

  • Follow posted PBIS school rules - on the playground, in the hallways, in the bathroom, in the MPR, in the library and computer lab, in the classroom.
  • Be honest
  • Accept the consequences for your own behavior.
  • Use playground equipment as instructed
  • Play games according to school rules
  • Follow the instructions of all supervising adults

Be Respectful

  • Follow posted PBIS school rules - on the playground, in the hallways, in the bathroom, in the MPR, in the library and computer lab, in the classroom.
  • Destruction/defacing of school property will result in disciplinary action.   
  • Destruction/defacing of the personal property of others will result in disciplinary action.

Be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing

  • Children may arrive between 7:35 a.m. and 7:50 a.m. at the front or back of the school.  It is recommended that parents drop students off in the Valet area in the front of the school. 
  • When the 7:35 a.m. bell rings, students are to walk to their assigned classroom blacktop area. 
  • No children are allowed in the classroom or school buildings without teacher supervision.
  • Walk only on hard surfaces (sidewalks, cement, and blacktop).
  • Use the restroom and drinking fountain during recess. Students are not permitted to use the restroom or drinking fountain after the bell rings.
  • Play in designated areas on the playground.

Please Note: Students are not permitted to go back into the classroom after dismissal time if they forget a book/homework, etc. 

Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

  • Play involving bodily contact is not permitted.
  • No throwing of sand, rocks, food or any object not intended for that purpose.
  • No fighting or other acts of aggression, including no play fighting.
  • No spitting.

Only bring appropriate items to school

  • No toys or sports equipment without special permission from the principal
  • No gum
  • No dangerous or disruptive items
  • No bicycles, skateboards, razors, roller-skates, roller blades, scooters or similar wheeled items may be ridden on the school grounds at any time

Please Note: Bicycles are for students in grades 4, 5, and 6 only and must be appropriately locked. (HELMETS MUST BE WORN by students riding a bicycle.) Unsafe riding practices may result in the denial of this privilege. Bicycles must be walked on sidewalks and school grounds.

Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS)

The staff at Golden Elementary believes that students should be recognized for demonstrating a high level of responsibility for appropriate school conduct.  We encourage students by reinforcing their positive approach to decision-making, conflict resolution, and outstanding effort and achievement.  To this end, exemplary student behaviors are celebrated! 

Golden Elementary is excited to continue PBIS! Golden staff will promote positive behavior supports with students earning Gold Cards for demonstrating the right behavior at the right time. Current supports include but will not be limited to the following:

  • Schoolwide Gold Cards - Given for
  • respectful, responsible and/or safe behavior in any environment on campus including the classroom.
  • Monthly Lunch with the Principal, supported by the PTA 
  • Eagle of the Month Recognition
  • Recognition at Trimester Awards Assemblies
  • Special Program Awards and Recognition, such as reading program

GOLD CARDS can be redeemed within the classroom for classroom and schoolwide incentives. 


Every child is entitled to a safe environment. For additional information on bullying see  the PYLUSD Parent Information Packet.


Behavior Consequences


Students will be issued a citation or Office Referral Form for repeated or serious infractions of school rules.  We ask that parents discuss the misconduct with their child, sign the citation, and return it to school the following day.  Typically, students are only allowed 3 citations each school year.  After the third citation is issued, it may be necessary to schedule a parent conference at which a behavior contract will be developed to address specific conduct issues and consequences.

Administrative/Office Referral 

Aggressive behavior, fighting, bullying and harassment are serious offenses and will not be tolerated.  Teachers complete Office Referral Forms (ORF) and send the student to the office for an administrator to investigate serious offenses. All reports of bullying will be investigated and resolved promptly. Consequences will be determined based on the offense.

Suspension & Expulsion

Grounds for suspension or expulsion under the California State Education Code (Section 48900) are outlined in the PYLUSD Parent Information Packet.

Health Services

Medical Services

If your child has a medical condition that requires them to have any medicine, including over the counter medications, the Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District “Parent/Guardian Request for Administration of Medication Prescription and Nonprescription” form must be completed by a physician and provided to the school.

It is recommended that parents work with their child’s physician to develop a schedule for giving medication at home.  If this is not possible, then the appropriate paperwork must be completed and brought to the school with the properly labeled and sealed medications. Detailed information is outlined in the PYLUSD Parent Information Handbook.

Temporary Release from Physical Education/Physical Activity

A parent or guardian may request in writing that a student be excused from PE for up to three calendar days. Beyond two days, a student who is diagnosed with a communicable illness, injury requiring an assistive device (i.e., crutches, wheelchair) or illness requiring modifications to physical activity will need a Medical Release for School Activity form completed by their physician before returning to school.  Forms are available in the school office.

Emergency Cards

Emergency contacts are not authorized to sign-out a child prior to dismissal without a letter or phone call from a parent being received by office personnel.

Additional Services


It is very important that your child bring their lunch to school with them in the morning. In the event that a lunch has to be dropped off by a parent, the child’s lunch will be placed in a plastic container in front of the office.  It will be the child’s responsibility to check the lunch tubs.  Please make sure that your child knows to check the containers if they do not have a lunch. 

The district’s pre-paid lunch program is excellent and a great way to ensure your child always has a lunch. Parents can drop off a check made payable to PYLUSD Food Services in the office.  Information on how to pay for meals electronically is available at www.pylusdnutrition.org

Free or reduced-price meal applications are available. Applications must be completed annually. For additional information on Nutritional Services see the PYLUSD Parent Information Packet.

Golden’s General Procedures


Preppy K and Kindergarten students will enter the Kindergarten Gate in the front of the school, or they may use the Cartlen Gate. These entrances are for Kindergarten or Preppy K students only. 

Students in Grades 1st through 6th grade may enter any of the other gates open around our campus including: The Main Gate by the front office, the Gate by our Upper Grade classes near George Key, Mignon, Heloise, and Koch Park Gates. 

1st through 6th grade students may arrive on campus at 7:35 a.m. for the 7:50 a.m. start time.  At that time, adult supervision is available and students will be allowed on campus.


At departure time, parents should pick up students no later than 15 minutes after dismissal.  The Valet Zone in the front of the campus is the only area designated for vehicles to pick-up students. This area is supervised by school staff. Any students remaining after the valet line is empty, consistently 15 minutes after dismissal, will sign-in and contact their parents. Parents must sign-out any students that sign-in after valet concludes.

During school hours, all campus gates are locked to minimize access to the school grounds.  When parents walk students to school in the morning, they are not permitted to enter the campus. The gates will be locked promptly at 7:50 am. 

Visitor Badges 

All adults must check in at the Golden Office, obtain a visitor sticker, and sign in and out when volunteering on campus. A driver’s license will be required. 

Special Deliveries (Missing homework, forgotten water bottles, jacket, etc.)

Parents may drop off items students have forgotten at home in the office. Some items may be accepted at your teacher’s discretion. We understand things happen from time to time; however, we strongly discourage special deliveries. Messages will be delivered to the students. Classrooms are not called during the instructional day for items dropped off in the office.

Musical Instruments (special category of special delivery)

Students should remember their instrument on the two music instruction days. Occasionally an instrument is forgotten. In these cases, Golden has a Musical Instrument Parking Lot located in the office. Students can check this lot prior to class to see if an instrument has been dropped off for them by their parents. Please make sure the instrument is clearly marked with the student’s name.

Special Holidays, Birthdays, and Celebrations

Floral arrangements or balloon bouquets are not delivered to students and will not be permitted in the classroom.  If something is delivered to your child, such as a balloon bouquet, it will be kept in the office until the end of the school day. Per the PYLUSD Student Wellness policy in the PYLUSD Parent Information Handbook, “Birthdays are encouraged to be recognized with non-food celebrations.” Parents are required to notify the child’s teacher 24 hours in advance if you will be delivering treats to the classroom for your child’s birthday.  Invitations for parties outside of school should not be delivered or distributed in the classroom.