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General Information

Arrival/Drop Off
Kindergarten Early Birds begin at 7:50 am and Late Birds begin at 9:30 am.
1st through 6th-grade students may arrive on campus at 7:35 am. School begins at 7:50 am. Teachers begin picking up students at 7:48. Students arriving after 7:50 will be considered tardy.
All students are to be dropped off at one of Golden's five entry point gates for safety reasons. Parents will remain outside the gates. The Valet Zone in the front of the campus is the only area designated for vehicle pick up or drop off of students. 
Parents should pick up students no later than 15 minutes after dismissal. If using the Valet Zone in the front of the campus, please have your children's names clearly displayed in your windshield.
Preppy K
Our district offers a 2-year developmental kindergarten class. Golden Preppy K students attend Brookhaven Elementary for the first year, and then Golden for the second traditional kindergarten year. For additional information, please contact the district. 
Child Care
Child care is available at Golden but operated through the district. For information, click here, or call 714-996-9391.
Parking Lot
When picking up or dropping off a student early, please be mindful of the red zone and bus zone. The Golden Parking Lot is reserved for Golden Staff members, with one visitor spot. If you plan to volunteer in a classroom, please park on the street in front of the school. Thank you!   


The Valet program allows you to drop off/pick up your students at the curb in front of the school. In order for this program to be successful, there are a few important rules to follow:
Golden Value Program pdf


All adults who come on campus must sign in and out at the office and wear a visitor's badge. A driver's license will be required.
Items Left at Home
Parents may drop off items students have forgotten at home in the office. In order to minimize interruptions, classrooms are not called during the instructional day. Please remind your students to come to the office to check for these items (missing homework, forgotten water bottles, jackets, music instruments, etc.)
Lunches to the office will be placed in a tub/wagon outside of the office and taken out to the lunch tables by the noon supervisors. Please instruct your children to check the tub if they have forgotten their lunch. Please make every attempt to have your child bring their own lunch. Thank you!