School Wide PBIS Behavior Expectations » Golden Elementary School-Wide PBIS Expectations Matrix

Golden Elementary School-Wide PBIS Expectations Matrix

Golden Elementary School-Wide PBIS Expectations Matrix





Lunch Tables





All Settings


-Walk silently

-Stay in line

-Keep your hands to yourself

-Share equipment with others

-Include others in games

-Leave nature in its place

-Use positive language

-Quiet voices while eating

-Keep your hands & feet to yourself

-Line up and wait your turn

-Respect others' privacy

-Flush the toilet

-Use an inside voice

-Listen attentively

-Applaud appropriately

-Enter quietly

-Be an active listener 

-Stay facing forward

-Keep your hands and feet to yourself

-Be on task

-Listen to adults

-Use inside voices

-Raise your hand and wait to be called upon to speak 


-Walk with a purpose

-Go directly to your destination

-Keep your hands & feet to yourself

-Freeze when the bell rings

-Line up at the whistle

-Report problems to an adult on duty

-Use & return equipment as intended

-Stay in designated areas

-Go directly to your class line before school

-Pick up your own trash

-Raise your hand to throw away trash & go to the restroom

-Report all problems to adult on duty

-Stay in one spot at your table. Do no switch your seats.

-Wait for noon supervisors for dismissal to play

-Use your time at the tables to eat

-Throw your trash in the trash can

-Use paper towels appropriately

-Flush the toilet

-Use the restroom during morning recess and lunch recess

-Finish your business and go

-Be on time

-Stay with your class

-Stay seated during the presentation or performance

-Wait to be dismissed

-Follow all directions

-Be prepared for class

-Use equipment & supplies as intended


-Watch where you are going

-Walk on the right

-Stay away from doors (keep your distance)

-Walk on the blacktop (except basketball)

-Follow all game rules

-Do not sit or stand on bars. Always use 2 hands on the bars.

-Walk to & from lunch areas with your lunch by your side

-Eat your own food

-Keep your hands & feet to yourself

-Return your lunch box/bags to the designated areas

-Walk in the restroom

-Wash your hands

-Keep your feet on the floor (no climbing)

-Enter single file

-Sit criss-cross

-Keep your hands & feet to yourself

-Stay in your personal space 

-Clean your hands

-Keep chairs stationary

-Walk in the classroom

-Push in all chairs